Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Taking it to the streets

Inspired by a recent documentary I saw i'm taking our characters to a new place, THE STREETS BIATCH! Actually its a very familiar place, and with street art going main stream it seems appropriate to jump on the band wagon. It may be kinda cool to do some guerilla advertising, but a hell of a lot of work and not to mention the legal consequences. Soon they will have designated places to put up your non threatening street art, which will save time, effort and sleep without sacrificing the cool and edgy factor. We'll at least to those who don't know any better.

So here we are in the experimental phase. Having fun with it and kinda procrastinating from the real work that has to be done. I do know at some point I'm gonna have to jump in head first. I gave myself till the end of this year to complete the first draft of the comic. I still have a ways to go.

Til next time