Friday, June 11, 2010


Ray and I have had our share of mental and physical abuse from friends who happened to be girls. From Ray getting his glasses broken to me being judo chopped in the middle of my Junior english class. We have endured. I wish I could say these acts of violence were out of affection, but it was more that we were huge pussy's with kick me signs on our backs.

I sketched out this scene last night and just started messing with it in photoshop. While I was coloring I decided to shift the colors and make it look like an offset silkscreen. That's the wonderful thing about photoshop, you can mimic pretty much any style quickly and cheap. The artificial look is cool but it just makes me want to do the real thing. I guess the fine artist inside me still has trouble accepting digital art as "ART". So this is my sorta tribute to retro comics.