Monday, May 28, 2012


I finished a 6-week course instructed by Joe Murray (Creator of “Rocko’s Modern Life” and “Camp Lazzlo”) this weekend. Joe helped me put together an entire animated series proposal from scratch. I went into the class with not much of an idea and by the time it was over I had a fully developed cast of characters in their own unique world, a design style that reflects the mood and theme of the show, a handful of sample show premises, and an ironed out synopsis and overview of the show.

“Lunchmeat” is loosely based off my experiences working in a service deli. The show is a fun light-hearted comedy that pokes fun at our unsatisfying jobs and the struggles of bettering our situations. I'm a big advocate of writing what you know.

This class was pretty intense, but it taught me so much about adding depth to my characters and premises while creating a property that will have longevity. I feel I created a solid foundation on which to build upon. I will be applying these skills to all my work and I look forward to creating an even better proposal next time around.

My goal is to pitch to at least one studio this year.