Sunday, February 27, 2011

Salabration and Other Freshman News

Last night we hung out at Geeks to celebrate owner Sal's B-Day. We had a good time and good cake with fellow creators JIM LUJAN, RAUL AGUIRRE, GRASIELA RODRIGUEZ, GEO BRAWN IV and of course the man of the hour Sal Felix. It was a very relaxed atmosphere with cool people. Everyone contributed to Sal's "Avengers" themed card. Our Contribution was the alcoholic sexually ambiguous Iron Man. The highlight of the night was when Neil was officially inducted into the Cartoonistas. He swore on a copy of the Superman Chronicles that he would uphold the values and standard of excellence that the Cartoonistas are universally known for.

Neil did some custom drawings for fans of the comic, and talked to them about his process.
We appreciate everyone who came down and we hope you had fun.

In other News:
Here are some new drawings for ya'll

Finally here are some rough draft samples of the new comic entitled Forever Freshman and the Cunning Code Crackers of the Girl Network. The freshman will infiltrate girl world to gain information about a new student. The whole time trying to avoid evil hall monitors who will stop at nothing to put the freshman in detention. We have finished the layout and are moving on to final artwork, a little later then we original hoped, but we are determined to get this too you guys asap!
Thank you all for the support.