Monday, February 14, 2011

Freshman News

Hello everyone we are hard at work getting ready for the many events we plan on attending this year. The biggest of coarse being San Diego Comic Con, which unfortunately sold out in one day. If you were not one of the lucky ones who got tickets you can always catch us at the Anaheim Comic Con coming in April.

We will be printing a second run of our premier issue as we continue working on the next Forever Freshman comic that is progressing nicely. The size and length of this next book will increase to standard comic size and 24 pages of awesomeness. We have been working on a storyline that will take place throughout the next 3 books, each one leaving you hungry for more, or maybe just hungry. This upcoming book will introduce some new characters of the female persuasion and the freshmen's attempt to infiltrate their secret world. What will happen when awkward band geeks try to interact with the opposite sex? I'm sure everything goes smoothly.

We are very pleased with the progress John Ottinger is making with the Neil figure. He's got some more detail in the face and hands and adjusted the posse to really make him look like he's bustin a mean air guitar. This picture is still in the rough stage. Just wait until you see it all cleaned and polished. John is an amazing talent and we are so happy to be working with him. He took a few rough drawing and turned them into an amazing sculpture! I can't wait to cast and mold them. Check out his characters Lucky and Fluffy

One last thing, a great big thanks to all of you who bought our Valentines Day Cards. We appreciate your support and we love you all!