Monday, February 27, 2012

iPad Sketching

I recently purchased a wacom bamboo stylus for the iPad. I have the sketchbook pro app and drawing with my finger just wasn't cutting it. I did a little research on stylus pens and decided to go with the wacom because, well its wacom and thats what the do best. iPad stylus technology is not that great. The nib is very thick and there is no sensitivity. It's tough to get a good drawing done with this. Its is definitely better then drawing with my finger, I have more control and it feels more natural. It's really tough to get fine detail which I found out quickly.

I use the sketchbook pro app to capture rough ideas on the go. There are a good amount of features like layers, cool brushes and a color palette. It's pretty close to the computer version. If only they could make a good stylus with some pressure sensitivity it would be amazing. It's nowhere close to using a cintiq, but you can do some cool stuff while chilin at a starbucks.

Here are some drawings I worked on this week.