Friday, January 02, 2009

That's Life

A few things I work on in 08. I have been messing with this character for years which is based on a younger version of me. Sporting a fro and his acoustic guitar, he is an insecure, chubby little mexican kid. Who, with the company of his equally awkward, long haired, glasses wearing friend, find themselves in all kinds of wacky shinanigans. Uh oh, what will these two think of next! I know painfully cheesy. Ha ha.

All I can say about 08 is that it was a hectic year. I'm hoping I learned something from it and will better decisions next time around. The year ended fantastically with my wedding and honeymoon to hawaii. But, artistically it was a pretty bum year. I did not manage to do much creatively, I was so caught up in work and the wedding that I let this whole year just fly by. Now that its over and I have time to reflect Im starting to realize I'm going to have to take charge of my career in order to be where I want. This year has put a lot of uncertainty and doubt in my head, as far as job security and if I can ever feel secure, while working for someone else. I am optimistic about the future though. I got some experience under my belt and feel I have grown as a multi-tasking designer/illustrator/production artist thingy, and I am going into 09 swinging!